Keshara Group established in 2002/1994 by its Founder, Chairman, and Managing Director Mr. Jeewamal Jayawardhane, the Keshara Group’s first imprint on the Sri Lankan Limestone based product market was as Keshara Lime Industries (Pvt) Ltd.

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Keshara Group

Keshara group is a manufacturer and supplier of mineral-based products, industry-specific machinery manufacturer, and automation solutions provider that has an earned reputation as a leader in the industry. The group operates several companies under its purview each of which caters to the manufacture of its productions to the highest degree of excellence.

The Keshara Group operates its own mines, stone and limestone quarries, and commands an undisputed reputation in the industry as an independent supplier of quality raw materials. Keshara excels as an Industry Leader with consistency in Manufacturing, Storage, Supply, and Direct distribution. Conceptualized and created as a production-centric entity, Keshara specialized in the manufacture of Lime Powder, Wall Paint, Dolomite Fertilizer, and Hydrated Lime. At present Keshara Lime Industries rapidly becoming one of the nation’s most sought-after producers of Limestone based products. Keshara has come long and a gratifying journey since its inception and we are working toward a remarkable future

Our Vision

To be the most sought-after manufacturer of Limestone based products in the nation.

Our Mission ​

All companies in the Keshara Group will strive to offer our clients and customers quality products and services, designed to meet the highest local and international quality standards, and ensure the trust our clients and customers place in both our company and its products is upheld in every aspect of our operation. 


Mr. Jeewamaal Jayawardhane

The founder, Managing Director, and The Chairman

The thoughtful and intellectual mind behind the success of Keshara Group, who leads the group towards the summit in the industry.

Mrs. Lakmi Jayawardhane

Director of Finance and Marketing

The noteworthy personality who devotes her support and assistance to the growth of the company.

Our Core Values

The Keshara Group has, since its inception, incorporated several core commitments into its groupwide structure. 

We are firmly committed to providing all our employees a work environment that is multi-dimensional, multi-ethnic, and fosters an inherent culture of teamwork while providing each employee every available opportunity to attain personal growth and advancement.

The Management and team of Keshara consider it our privilege and intrinsic commitment to develop our clients and guide them on the pathway to becoming our Partners in Progress.

The Keshara family stands firmly committed to conducting its business and operation in conformity to the maintenance of the highest standards of ethics and social responsibility towards the community at large, whilst also maintaining the highest possible levels of honesty, integrity, and transparency in all dealings with every one of our stakeholders.

To Strive to achieve continuous, sustainable, all-around improvement in all spheres of the company's activities, thereby making the Keshara group companies forerunners in their fields.

Employee Benefits

Keshara Lime Industries has today created countless Job opportunities in the market, handling a 300+ labor force including 70+ drivers and around 35 Office staff members, and a team of 25+ highly skilled technicians. All of whom are entitled to the following benefits.

  • A free and friendly work atmosphere

  • Encouraged Multiethnicity, where all staff is treated all as one.

  • Facilities in keeping with the highest industry standards and best practices.

  • Flexible working hours

  • A management system tailormade to enhance employee welfare, training, and education.

  • Fair remuneration and other staff benefits including meals and transportation

  • Rewards and Recognition to employees

  • Overseas tours for the best performing employees.